2nd Kyoto University-Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium
July 11-12, 2015
Theme “Technology / Genetic Science / Arts” - Tracing the Path of Evolution, in Holistic Contemplation of Present and Future Civilization - (Finished)

Eugene Okano
Collaborators for Prof. Miwa’s lecture

Eugene Okano

Full-time Lecturer, Department of Piano, SHOBI College of Music


A brief Biography

Eugene Okano graduated from Department of Instrumental Music, Tokyo College of Music, with a major in piano. He studied piano under Hiroshi Tamura, Kei Itou, Kazuoki Fujii, Norio Kusakawa, Aki Takahashi and Masahiro Saito. In addition to holding his recital, he has been engaged in incomparably wide variety of performance activities such as playing South American music, joint performances with artists, poets and dancers, picture-story show, free improvisation, club music, electronic music, artistic projects, and playing Japanese and Asian songs. He played for the first time in the world “NEO DO-DO-I-TSU” and “Sendai DO-DO-N-PA” by MIDI keyboard, and “Yume no Waltz” by MIDI accordion, all composed by Formant Brothers. He has been the only player of synthesized sound songs composed by Formant Brothers in MIDI accordion and MIDI keyboard. He made a “Light Radiating” piano performance at Toshio Iwai Exhibition held at NTT Inter-Communications Center (ICC). Please refer to the Japanese webpage for more details.

Details of selected Awards and Honors

Awarded the second place in the French Music Competition

Awarded a prize in the 9th Japan Chamber Music Competition

Awarded a prize in the 4th Japan Contemporary Music Competition, “Kyogaku 4”