QWhy this symposium is called KUIP?
AThe official name of this symposium is Kyoto University-Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium. By extracting four initial letters from four words “Kyoto”, “University”,“Inamori” and “Prize” constituting the official name, KUIP is decided to be the acronym standing for this symposium.
QWhat does the logo of this symposium  symbolize?
AThe logo of this symposium was designed by Akio Okumura, a visiting professor of Kyoto University as well as a graphic designer. It symbolizes the Japanese spirit of “wa,” harmony, and reminds us of Japanese traditional timberwork. Dark blue, the symbol color of Kyoto University, and the color of gold which is often used by Inamori Foundation are firmly combined and united. In the logo is the Chinese character “京,” which stands for the international city of Kyoto, where the first four KUIP symposiums were held.